Welcome to our Community.

I know from my own personal journey that the first step is the hardest.

You would think it would be the easiest, but it’s when you feel safe and trust that you are able to open yourselves to healing. 


My vision for A CONSCIOUS MOTHERHOOD is to guide you to live with consciousness and be aware of your conditioning, to live with emotional ease and not always stuck in your emotional trauma, to be able to lean into your healing, triggers and REconnect back to your inner knowing so that you can live a life of joy, hope and sovereignty. 

Once you make the important decision to be a mom, you can open yourself to a ray of emotions, past and generational wounds, anxiety, grief, loss, triggers and of course joy and hope. 

My hopes with our Community is to create a place where you can dive deeper, grow and create the awareness you need to live with more ease.

Imagine healing years of emotional trauma and finding compassion for your spirit.

Imagine understanding your triggers and being able to learn from them. 

I have curated your course from my own experience, my own healing, training based on trauma, neuroscience, grief, NLP, neurobiology and listening to what we need as a community.

Let me tell you a bit about why this community platform is incredibly important to me.

After my dramatic termination of our twins for medical reasons, my failed IVF attempts, miscarriage and the death [ stillbirth ] of our daughter, I found out I had an autoimmune disease and fell into the depths of PTSD. I played victim to my autoimmune and was truly unaware that my new found panic attacks were the result of my PTSD.


I fell into the depths of my

limiting beliefs and

sabotaging coping strategies.

I started to notice patterns, stories that weren't mine but modeled for me in my childhood.

I felt locked into my grief + struggles and they started to define me.

I know realize, that I put my life on hold and focused all my energy and time into becoming pregnant and a mother THAT I forgot who I WAS.

I forgot the POWER I had.

Now with my son via our beautiful surrogate and parenting after loss, I am forced to look into my wounds, my inner child and my emotional trauma.



NOT MY FEARS without giving away my power.

My intention is for you to do the same. As we REconnect with our own wisdom, power and emotional ease we will be able to THRIVE in our motherhood.

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